Teacher Assistant Vacancy

Teacher Assistant Vacancy at the TMC Montessori School

There is an opening for a Teacher’s Assistant for 3 days a week, hours  8:15 to 4pm.  The successful applicant will have a Cert. III in Children’s Services or enrolled in a Cert III course and be able  to work harmoniously with all members of staff and be  willing to take formalized “Age of Montessori” Training.  This applicant will have the Flame of Montessori in their Heart which is the Respect for the Whole Child including their Absorbent Mind,  Individuality and  Inner Teacher  and be able to work under the direction of the Classroom Teacher as a member of a team to  create an  environment in which the child can reach their full potential.  Please submit applications including CV and references  to Donna McCulloch at contact@begamontessori.nsw.edu.au by January 16th