We believe our parents and students should be the ones to tell you about our school. After all, it’s the results that they see in their children and themselves that are our indicators for success in achieving our mission. Please take the time to listen as they share their stories.

Video Testimonials

Written Testimonials

Lance Jenkins
I couldn’t be happier with the school. Since starting at Bega Montessori my son (Reid) has developed so well. My wife and I have been so happy to see Reid really come to life, feeling confident within himself to express the joyous little character that he is. He’s interest in language has really been nurtured and in just the last 3 months he’s gone from reading very little to reading whole books with us and loving it. Because of their genuine passion I really get the feeling that all the staff are focused on truly nurturing the growth of my child, which really stands out in stark contrast to other schools which seem to be focused just on ticking boxes to fulfill a curriculum. A big thanks to Bega Montessori
School, you’re doing incredible things for the children of our community. Reid will be a student of yours right the way through.
8 May 2016
Jenna Wilton
I highly recommend the montessori school. My 3 children go there and two of them have had speech/learning difficulties and are now right up there with the rest of the kids thanks to the kind and wonderful teachers there.
21 November 2014
Kate Howarth
My kids could not be happier. They are learning in a wonderful environment and actually enjoying it!!
24 October 2014